What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

“I have been attending Music Together® classes with my two year old daughter for over a year and we both enjoy it very much. The singing and playing of rhythm instruments is always a delight with a new focus of sound and music each week. The class is never the same! Our teacher is fantastic! She is so welcoming, down to earth, musically playful, and respectful to everyone in attendance. Since my daughter has been enrolled in Music Together, I have noticed that she understands rhythm and tonal patterns outside of the class. She enjoys singing and chanting parts of the songs from class as she prances around the house. This has been the best musical experience for us and I can’t imagine her life without Music Together. Thank you!!!!”


"Music Together has been wonderful for both my children. We love to dance and sing with all of our friends. It has been our favorite activity and one we look forward to each week."

Mother of two

"Max can't wait for each new session to begin. He knows and sings the songs before I do!"


"Jennie is amazing, and the quality of the classes are incredible. The pace is perfect and just long enough. I am grateful for the care, patience and understanding Jennie shows every week, especially to those of us who have extra active, extra-loud, into-everything toddlers. That definitely keeps me coming back."


"We started Music Together when my daughter was 13 months old. We both enjoy the class and music very much. The teacher is wonderful, always "up" and very focused on the children and the music. We are all encouraged to participate whether we can sing well or not, and the kids love that! I am so happy that we found this program and I tell everyone I meet about it."